Canadian Jazz Pianist Brian Browne: A True Original

Dear friends of the Brian Browne Trio. On June 5th, 2018 we bid farewell to a true Canadian jazz luminary, pianist Brian Browne. Brian was a beloved figure in the Ottawa jazz scene who was not only respected as one of the leading proponents of jazz piano in Canada, but admired as a person for his wit, warmth and generosity. A true jazz musician to the core, he epitomized what it meant to be cool, and he shared his incredible gift of music with us to the end.

Feelings: new release from Brian Browne

Feelings, the latest release from Brian Browne, celebrates great songs in the jazz repertiore with beautiful solo piano interpretations. One of Canada's jazz greats, Brian's take on Feelings makes this often overlooked tune a legitimate standard in the midst of so many other great songs on this album.


Brian Browne is a Steinway Artist